History of Impulse

Impulse various pictures

Impulse was a demo crew assembled from various parts of Sweden, focused on creating demos and games for the Atari platform.

Impulse was founded in 1991 by Johan (JEZ) and Reine (Longshot) during the golden age of demo programming, back when the Vertical Blank Interrupt was worshiped as a modern Demeter. However, reasons for the name are since long ago lost in the mists of Scandinavia.

The crew was later expanded as other computer wizards joined the ranks. During the years we did some heavy coding, groovy graphics, weird demos and strange games. Not to mention the fierce bottle duels, lethal football tournaments and awkward video recording sessions. But most of all, we did have fun.

Impulse arranged two conventions, aptly named Gurgelkvack and Motorola Inside. The latter was arranged in cooperation with scene legends NoCrew.

We also attended a lot of computer conventions where we met funny people, fought in the competitions and terrorized the surroundings with bicycle pumps. As you do.

The last official release of Impulse was the game Corsair in 1997.