The crew

Bobby the hippie ghost Reine (Longshot) is the tall one with odd sleeping habits. He also happens to be one of the founders of the group and Keeper of the Impulse Holy Video Chronicles. He enjoys to organize things like conventions, internals and snowball sessions.
Function: Coding, design, founder
Passions: Dumle, Devpac, Depeche Mode
Saying: “De e’ lugnt”

Bobby the hippie ghost Mandus (Mandus) is responsible for most of the graphics found in our games and demos. Once created the notorious realtime hardware plasma on Reine’s monitor with a little help from Mårten. He used to run the Impulse PD Library.
Function: Graphics, design
Passions: Volatile hair color, ambient music

Bobby the hippie ghost Mattias (Hattrick) is the man with the legendary animations. He has produced a lot of crazy animations and wicked graphics. The only member with a complete bar next to his home cinema equipment! With a little help from Mårten he once transformed his ST into a coke machine. By always wearing a hat he was partially responsible for the group’s surname "The men in hats" at FB3.
Function: Graphics
Passions: Crapman, Collecting money in his hat
Saying: “Dumle – med den vackra smaken”

Bobby the hippie ghost Johan (Pluto) is one of the founders and always on the move. He is fond of bringing his good ol’ VC200 console to internals, proclaiming "Oh, I forgot the power converter… again" and then hide it in a corner somewhere. He and Mårten are the infamous authors of "Extended rules to Fia Med Knuff".
Function: Coding, founder
Passions: Tea, pinball, classic arcade games, Vangelis
Saying: “Ge mej sås!”

Bobby the hippie ghost Mårten (Lance) is a master magician in the black art of code optimization. He has a special place in his heart for module replay routines and fast 3D-dots. From time to time he challenges Johan to a brutal coke bottle duel while screaming "There can be only one!".
Function: Coding
Passions: Self-modifying code, Manowar, Virtua Fighter
Saying: “Första gången jag åt Cheese doodles kände jag mig så lycklig”

Bobby the hippie ghost Robert (Noo) likes to bring cool things to internals and conventions, such as giant RGB-projectors and audio systems. If something is needed he’s got it all.
Function: Various
Passions: Gadgets
Saying: “Jag fick gå över motorvägen för att äta frukost”

Bobby the hippie ghost Mats (Maybe) has a wicked yet funny habit of making silly faces to the video camera.
Function: Various
Passions: Making silly faces to the camera
Saying: “Grrrr”