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Firre Demo | NI Demo | RGB Reine

Firre Demo (1994)

Fish number 45 Fish number 45

The classic demo by Fiskkompaniet. A nearly complete fish encyclopedia! Frequent use of Swedish language. Read textfile 1 and textfile 2 for more information.

Features: 71 hand-drawn fishes and an enchanted undersea melody.

Download: (STE original, (277 kb)

Download: (Falcon conversion, 359 kb)

System requirements: STE/Falcon, 1MB

Release date: July 1994

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo, AtariMania


  • Longfisk – Programming
  • Hattfisk – Graphics

NI Demo (1995)

Fish in space Fish in space

Second demo by Fiskkompaniet. Remember, in space no one can hear you scream… Read textfile for more information. Also read the review from Maggie.

Features: Insane vector graphics which tell the story of a single fish and its brave journey to the stars.

Download: (359 kb)

System requirements: Falcon, RGB

Release date: July 1995

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo


  • Longfisk – Programming
  • Hattfisk – Graphics
“We are then deafened by a cacophony of NIs and the demo ends. Perfect.”
“This demo is a must for all fish lovers everywhere.”
— Leon O’Reilly, Maggie 19 (February 1996)

RGB Reine (1996)

RGB Reine in action RGB Reine in action

This demo was made by New Beat Development at Nordic Atari Show 1996. Reine was quite surprised when his face suddenly appeared in the contest and began to bounce across the big screen with a RGB splitter and a silly tune in the background. Very funny, guys…

Read textfile for more information.

Download: (204 kb)

System requirements: Falcon, 4Mb, RGB

Release date: Nordic Atari Show, June 1996

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo


“I bet you’re wondering who the guy in the RGB splitter is, I’ll tell you. His name is Reine Larsson and he’s a member of Impulse. A really nice guy that just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope we’re still friends Reine! <grin>”
— Daniel Hedberg, creator of RGB Reine (1996)