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Corsair | Sokoban

Corsair (1997)

Corsair is a game for the Atari Falcon030, released by Impulse in 1997. Check out the reviews.

Corsair screenshot 2
Gameplay – Bobby the Hippie Ghost makes a cameo.
Corsair screenshot 3
Gameplay – Beware of the lethal jelly fish!
Corsair screenshot 1
The Main Menu

Two players control the two cannons to blast the aliens. The cannons must cooperate and help each other if an enemy lands on their rail. Defeat waves with different types of enemies before facing the large end-level boss!

Gameplay video:

Info: Credits:
  • Reine Larsson – Programming
  • Mandus Skön – Graphics
  • Peter Gustavsson (ICE) – Menu music
  • Steffen Scharfe (TCE) – Mod player
Technical details:
  • Graphics resolution: 320*240 in 16-bit HiColour
  • Four-channel music and sound effects
  • Programmed in Motorola 68030 assembly language (over 25000 lines of code)
  • Works on both RGB/VGA monitors and TV. Widescreen mode available. Compatible with 68040 and Nemesis.
  • Supports keyboard + joystick + Jaguar pads
“Sounds complicated, but it’s quite the opposite, young and old will love this game. Nice big colourful aliens, humorous (even hilarious!) sound samples and fast action make this a simple yet addictive game.”
— Andrew, Falcon’s NeST PDL
“The game itself plays well with a good difficulty curve. The aliens start off moving in a linear manner giving you a chance to familiarise yourself with the controls before the more vicious bouncing and bombing baddies appear. The graphics are nice and cute and perfectly complement the style of the game.”
— Leon O’Reilly, Maggie 25 (March 1998)

Sokoban – Bobby the Hippie Ghost edition (1995)

An addictive puzzle game. Read the reviews.

Sokoban screenshot
Sokoban screenshot
  • Release date: July 1995
  • System requirements: Atari STE/Falcon
  • Download: (23 kb)
  • Links: Pouet, DemoZoo
  • Johan Språng – Programming
  • Mandus Skön – Graphics
“This version has improved graphics (colorful, attractive, and pleasing) and gameplay. All of the 42 classic levels are included along with a few new ones. A level editor is included so you can create as many great levels as you wish. This is excellent!”
— Atari Explorer Online (January 1996)
“It a basically a game of logical thinking, but one that can be both very frustrating and very addictive.”
“The plot is quite amusing – you are Bobbie The Hippie Ghost and have to hide your peace signs before you get raided. Makes perfect sense!”
— Leon O’Reilly, Maggie 19 (February 1996)