Impulse is a demo crew from the west coast of Sweden, focused on creating demos and games for the Atari platform. Here is everything you never wanted to know.

History of Impulse

Impulse was founded by Johan (JEZ) and Reine (Longshot) in 1991, during the golden age of demo programming when the Vertical Blank Interrupt was worshiped as a modern deity. Any explanations behind the name of the crew are lost in the mists of Scandinavia.

The crew soon expanded with more merry members. During the years we produced heavy assembly code, groovy graphics, weird demos and strange games. Not to mention the fierce fencing duels, lethal football tournaments and awkward video recording sessions.

The crew also attended a lot of computer conventions where we met funny people, fought in the competitions and attacked our surroundings with bicycle pumps. As you do.

Impulse arranged two conventions, aptly named Gurgelkvack and Motorola Inside. The latter was arranged in cooperation with scene legends NoCrew.

About this site

The Impulse site was created by Reine in 1994, being one of the very first demo-related web sites on the web.

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