Hattfisk and Longfisk In Koffertfisk we trust.

Fiskkompaniet are devoted to the subtle art of creating digital fishes. These mythical beings have released two amazing demos which shocked the demo scene to it’s very core.

It’s a very secret society, but a few pieces of information have leaked out during the years. The bug-infested code appears to be written by something called Longfisk (who bears no resemblance whatsoever to Longshot of Impulse) and the tear-inducing graphics seems to be drawn by someone called Hattfisk (who is certainly not a relative of Hattrick of Impulse).

First there was the Firre Demo in 1994, featuring a stunning slideshow of 71 horrible hand-drawn fishes for the STE. Almost an entire hour was wasted on developing this gem!

Following up on the great reception of Firre Demo, they decided to release the NI Demo in 1995, somewhat inspired by The Knights Who Say Ni, unleashing the full power of the Falcon. Needless to say it was an instant success.

Later on the Firre Demo was converted to the Falcon due to public demands. All of these groundbreaking demos are available for download if you dare to watch them.

“We’ve seen fishes you people wouldn’t believe. Koffertfiskar on fire off the shoulder of Orion.”