Bobby the Hippie Ghost edition (1996)

Sokoban screenshot

“Oh, poor Bobby the Hippie Ghost. The Tellus Ghost Investigation Agency is going to pay him a visit, and he who has all those peace signs all over his place. He might lose his ghost license because of those. You must help Bobby to cover all his peace signs with the stones that lies around his place.”

An addictive puzzle game! Read the reviews.

Download: (23 kb)

System requirements: STE/Falcon

Release date: July 1995

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo


  • Johan Språng – Programming
  • Mandus Skön – Graphics
“This version has improved graphics (colorful, attractive, and pleasing) and gameplay. All of the 42 classic levels are included along with a few new ones. A level editor is included so you can create as many great levels as you wish.”
“This is excellent!”
— Atari Explorer Online (January 1996)
“It a basically a game of logical thinking, but one that can be both very frustrating and very addictive.”
“The plot is quite amusing – you are Bobbie The Hippie Ghost and have to hide your peace signs before you get raided. Makes perfect sense!”
— Leon O’Reilly, Maggie 19 (February 1996)