Impulse featured in media

Atari World 1996

Atari World is an English Atari magazine. The text was published in the Swedish addition in February 1996 as part of promotion for our game Corsair. The ugly mugshots in the upper corner are supposed to look like Reine and Mandus. (enlarge)

Arbetet 1995

Arbetet is a Swedish newspaper that visited Nordic Atari Show in june 1995 and made a short interview with Impulse members Reine and Mattias. Also starring a picture with parts of the crew (Mandus, Mattias, Reine). (enlarge)

ST Magazine 1995

This is the cover of French magazine ST Magazine in 1995, saying “Atari finally on the web” by displaying a snapshot from the Impulse homepage (and unfortunately displaying the horrible design it had at the time). This homepage was one of the very first demorelated web pages.

AtariMagasinet 1995/1998

Our presence at NAS didn’t go unnoticed in issue 3, 1995.

Corsair review in issue 2, 1998. (enlarge)

Impulse mentioned at FB3 in issue 3, 1995. (enlarge)

Svenska Hemdator Nytt 1992

Svenska Hemdator Nytt was one of the oldest Swedish computer magazines. They visited the Impulse convention Gurgelkvack in July 1992 and wrote an article in issue 8, 1992. (to enlarge)