Tales from the road 1992-1996 with a car full of computer equipment.

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Fried Bits Eastern Coding Convention III (1995)

Reine and NoCrew Reine and NoCrew in Bremen

This thing was arranged in 1995 by The Independent and held at a strange place called Gemeinschaftszentrum Obervieland in the city of Bremen, Germany.

An early version of Bugs From Outer Space was released for the demo contest, which landed on a 4th place in the tough contest against scene giants, such as Lazer with their cool demo “Lost Blubb” featuring a dancing Martina.

The infamous banana dissection The infamous banana dissection

Mattias happened to fall asleep on the floor in the hallway. Someone took off his hat, placed it on the floor upside down and placed a note on him reading "HOMELESS". As he finally woke he found a pile of money in his hat (approx 11 Deutsche Marks in four different currencies). Ever since that episode we’re called “The men in hats” by Reservoir Gods! We quickly updated the Bugs-demo with the following text: “Hattrick says: Thanks for the money you put in my hat. Now I can afford to go home!” (this gave us a round of applauds at the demo competition screening as a lot of people had seen Mattias asleep in the hallway during the morning).

Driving to Germany Tobbe and Mattias on the road

Despite our not-so-stunning skills in German an old lady approached us in the street and asked if we had learned all that Swedish in school. Our answer was, of course, "Ja ja Bundestag! Alles gut! Das ist telefunken".

And yeah, we managed to get stopped by the Polizei on the Autobahn.

There were about 300 people attending. On location we teamed up with NoCrew and our immense presence didn’t go unnoticed in the press:

“22h25. When we enter the room, it is the Star Wars anthem that greets us. In fact, it is the Swedes of Impulse who are doing Empire Strikes Back at 90 dB. Minimum!”
— Gael Trinquart, Toxic Mag 9 (May 1995, translated from French)
“22h50. On our left, there are the vikings of No Crew and Impulse. These Swedes are delirious: they brought EVERYTHING. In addition to their mega-big-Falcon-towers, I was able to count 4 coolers, 1 VCR, 1 waffle iron (true!), a 1.50m stack of audio equipment, 1 microwave, 5 speakers (with a big boomer), 3 Swedish flags and a huge mess all around their table. They came with a van, someone told me. Sweet Jesus, don’t let the network jump when they plug their monsters into my power strip.”
— Gael Trinquart, Toxic Mag 9 (May 1995, translated from French)

Reine’s comment: “Actually, there were two video tape recorders, not one. Sorry about the ruckus.”

“22h00. I’m going to chat with Longshot from Impulse whom I knew through E-mail. A little shy but very nice, we are talking about the bugs of his demo. I leave his table with his proverb in mind: "A good bug is a dead bug".”
— Gael Trinquart, Toxic Mag 9 (May 1995, translated from French)
“18h15. The Swedes open their coolers to make a sandwich. A pungent smell of rotting pâté pervades half of the room.”
— Gael Trinquart, Toxic Mag 9 (May 1995, translated from French)

Reine’s comment: "Denial is policy."

Gurgelkvack (1992)

Johan and Reine Johan and Reine with 2000 cans Akmekop The loud band Akmekop

The Gurgelkvack convention, also known as the Impulse Summer Party, took place in Stenungsund 1992. We initially had plans to release our earth-shattering dentro, called the Gurgelkvack demo, but failed to do so as we had a lot of other things on our minds at the time.

The party itself was a study of chaos. Some people had an “Coke Blast Experiment” (don’t ask). We also had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the legendary blitzkrieg between NoCrew and Omega/Electra, resulting in the infamous "Omega Snake Demo" with sound recorded during the evening.

We hired a live band called Akmekop which was very appreciated by the attendants (at least the few who didn’t get tinitus). We also hired not one but two fat and expensive RGB projectors: one in the cafeteria which showed demos non stop, the other in the big hall where demos and movies were shown all around the clock.

We had brought 2000 cans of coca cola, 2000 floppy disks and 300 bags of chips to the cafeteria for sale. Unfortunately we only sold a few of them. Free tickets to the Computer Museum nearby had also been arranged.

Among the attending demo crews were No Crew, Inner Circuit Explorers, Sync, Electra, Omega, Aggression, TLH, Crystalic, TFS/GRC, Universal Coders, Exonic, Kruz, Toxic and No Ball Crew.

Svenska Hemdator Nytt later wrote an article about the convention.

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo

Motorola Inside (1993)

Mandus at Motorola Inside Mandus at Motorola Inside Janderz soldering at 5 AM Janderz soldering at 5 AM

This convention was a joint venture between Impulse and NoCrew back in 1993. After some intense weeks of planning, including soldering at 5 AM, the opening day arrived. We had a thousand coke bottles and a Mega STE in the entrance. We actually had printed official "Motorola Inside 93" tshirts, on sale in the cafeteria section.

We also sold computer equipment, drinks, food and arranged pizza deliveries. The sandwiches were so popular that Electra members tried to top the price with exclusive source code. As with last year’s convention there was access to the nearby Computer Museum.

The happy people in Omega and Electra had a wagon race in the corridors. There were even a few Falcon030 present and we arranged a small Falcon demonstration in the big hall.

The demo competition was won by Excellence In Art, featuring an animated music video with module player by Mårten/Impulse. They won the music competition as well, thus rewarded with not one but two Atari Lynx portable game stations. Another memorable entry was "Ecstacy part B" by Inner Circuit Explorers, featuring cool stencil vectors and more.

We printed a limited number of official T-shirts as well:

Front T-shirt Front Back T-shirt Back

Links: Pouet, DemoZoo

The Computer Crossroad (1993)

Impulse at TCC Impulse at TCC

This thing was arranged by The Silents and other crews in 1993. Over 1600 people showed up at Svenska mässan in Göteborg, making it the largest event in Sweden up to that time. All those people resided in a single big hall, doing their best to pump up the volume.

All sorts of strange dudes were present, including those guys who insisted on wearing gas masks during the night. My favorite attendants were Finnish crew Aggression, who had marked their personal car parking space with spray cans.

Mandus got a 3rd place in the graphics compo with Knight.

Nordic Atari Show #1 (1995)

Impulse at NAS Impulse at NAS

The first Nordic Atari Show was arranged by SAK in Göteborg, in cooperation with NoCrew. A special hall held an exhibition with various Atari equipment, including running the game Doom in a Jaguar network. Impulse were interviewed by a local newspaper. There were also several casualties of war during the Great Suction Arrow War rampaging in the halls. There were also people from Inner Circuit Explorers, New Core, DHS, XiA and more present at the convention.

Impulse had two demos for the contest, since we finally decided to release some parts of the unfinished project Wizbound, which somehow got a 2nd place in the STE demo compo. There was also Ångest, a very short one-night hack which got a 3rd place in the Falcon demo compo. Mandus won the Falcon gfx compo with Zoo and Mattias won the STE gfx compo with Tryne.

Nordic Atari Show #2 (1996)

Thorsten and Reine Thorsten and Reine at NAS RGB Reine in action RGB Reine in action

The second Nordic Atari Show was also arranged by SAK in cooperation with NoCrew in Göteborg. The demo contest featured our last Falcon demo, entitled Bugs From Outer Space, which won the contest (prize was a Jaguar console). Reine also somehow happened to win the HTML competition.

The legendary coder AN Cool of TCB appeared from nowhere. He showed some unreleased stuff and released his last demo ever (or so he said), entitled Keff demo. Inner Circuit Explorers showed some stunning phong-shaded environment mapped objects and Aggression from Finland tormented us with sound experiments.

Also appearing in the contest was a mysterious entry entitled RGB Reine. Reine was very surprised when his face began to bounce across the big screen with a RGB-splitter (the image to the right) and a silly tune in the background. The guilty authors showed up to be New Beat Development. Very funny guys… (By the way, I’ve heard a rumor that Fiskkompaniet will make a demo called “VGA-Daniel”)

“Impulse has finally got rid of some bugs, or should I say, they probably flushed away the alien bugs in a nuke toilet! (watch the demo.. :)) Impulse managed to win first price in the demo contest at NAS’96 with a very fine margin to ICE at second place. Well done guys!”
— Evl / DHS

Brainless Institute New Year Party (1992)

AN Cool of TCB at Brainless Institute convention AN Cool of TCB

Brainless Institute was the name of a demo crew who held a new year convention in Skövde 1992. Despite our early departure from an internal meeting we had a hard time finding somewhere to land our computers.

A lot of strange people had found the convention as well, as we soon realized when approached by one guy with a chainsaw (he forgot to wear a woodsman’s shirt though) and another one who dragged his monitor by the power cord like a dog. Those were the days…

The legendary crews like Omega, The Carebears (TCB), Sync and Electra were present. Mattias bought six bicycle pumps and created his own mini-gun to terrorize the surroundings. He also managed to get a 4th place in the gfx compo with the picture NoHead.

Compusphere (1993)

Impulse at Compusphere 1 Impulse at Compusphere 1 Reine at Compusphere 1 Reine interviewed on TV

Compusphere was a series of conventions arranged by Galaktiska Institutet in the metropolis of Uddevalla.

After a wet and dangerous ride in a typical December snowstorm we arrived to the place. The hall was noisy and the pizzas were cold, so we did our best to increase the ambience by playing Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration on loud volume. Reine tried to get some hours of sleep in the car, but woke up freezing to death due to the blizzard.

Impulse won the demo contest with a horrible one-night-hack called Terra Incognita, featuring horrible samples from Front 242. Mattias got a second place in the gfx compo with Amiga Dino and Mandus got the fourth place with Doorlord.

The demo contest prize ceremony and our winning demo Terra Incognita was broadcasted on TV.

Compusphere 2 (1994)

Impulse at Compusphere 2 Impulse at Compusphere 2

The second convention by Galaktiska Institutet was held at Östraboskolan in Uddevalla.

Impulse showed a Wizbound preview and tried to pile a stairway to heaven of pizza boxes. NoCrew donned their best Batman outfits while improvising a table tennis match using the hall equipment, to the dismay of the organizers. The theme of the weekend was Power Failure, though.

Compusphere 3 (1994)

Impulse at Compusphere 3 Impulse at Compusphere 3

Third convention by Galaktiska Institutet, this time at Regementet i Uddevalla, featuring a giant igloo in the center. Reine made the mistake of taking the car to fetching some loudspeakers from an apartment somewhere, don’t really know what happened there but the volume was pushed beyond boundaries in the hall.

Fiskkompaniet terrorized the surroundings by doing a Falcon re-release of the Firre Demo. Sorry, not sorry.

Västkust Internal (1993)

Tobbe and Johan coding Tobbe and Johan coding

This was arranged by Inner Circuit Explorers in Kungsbacka 1993. A lot of cool people was stuffed together in a small place. Impulse shared room with NoCrew and pushed the amplifiers to 11.

Mattias won the demo compo with his original animation called the Biting Demo (honestly, you don’t want to know the content).

Västkust Internal II (1994)

Mattias and Johan dueling Mattias and Johan dueling

Part two was following up the success of its predecessor, this time co-arranged by ICE and Impulse in Stenungsund.

This gathering was notable for fierce bottle wars, squash tournaments and lightning-enhanced floppy disk sandwiches burning in the microwave oven.

Links: DemoZoo

The Party (1992)

Mattias goes RGB Mattias goes RGB

The convention with the somewhat uninspired name was arranged by TLH and TFS in Lidköping 1992.

We brought our own RGB-projector to our room along with the usual tons of gadgets which caused a bit of havoc with the organizers. There was some kind of rave party in a hallway, denial is policy as always (sorry for bouncing balls on sleeping people). Omega won the demo competition with the Grotesque demo.