Mandus | Mattias | Official T-shirt to Motorola Inside convention 1993


Doorlord Doorlord (4th place at CompuSphere I in 1993) Knight Knight (3rd place at TCC in 1993) Dolphin Dolphin (1st place at Motorola Inside in 1993)


Nohead Nohead (4th place at the Brainless Institute New Year Convention in 1992) Tryne Tryne (1st place at Nordic Atari Show in 1995) Raap Raap (this one’s really subtle) Kalle Kalle (the missing head from “Nohead” above) Logo Logo

Official t-shirt to Motorola Inside convention 1993

We printed a limited number of official T-shirts for the Motorola Inside 1993 convention!

Front T-shirt Front Back T-shirt Back