During the years we’ve had over 20 internal crew meetings to inspire creativity, productivity and insanity. Here’s a few of them.

Black Valley expedition (1992)

Mattias performing his famous Sinatra imitation

Held in the haunted Black Valley during January 1992. This gathering is mostly remembered for the instant video classic with Mattias doing his famous Sinatra imitation. Full Mpeg video CD soon coming to a theater near you.

Mattias also discovered the animation feature in Deluxe Paint which would be his trademark for years to come. As the crew woke up after one or two hours of sleep they found Mattias asleep over his computer, where the only light in the room was emerging from his monitor. He almost had QWERTY written over his nose!

Holy cow (1992)

Matttias and Reine while shooting cow movie

Another internal was held in the Black Valley, where all coders are lost. Some sort of snooker wannabe was the main game of the event. Johan found the repeat-button and drove us all insane by playing Ace of Base’s All That She Wants (he sang too!).

Mattias and Reine produced a short movie involving cows (the image to the right is a frame from that film), but the plot is way too complex to describe here.

Reine had coded a 4-bitplane multi-directional scroller and insisted on playing a horrible YM2149 sound chip tune in the demo screen. Johan kept his cup of tea warm by placing it on top of the computer. The temperature was regulated by a coin (heavy physics involved here, folks!).

Snow Wars (1993)

Mattias having an encounter with a facehugger

In the middle of the winter’s heart yet another internal was held. Extended rules for Fia med knuff were developed by Johan and Mårten. Reine and Tobbe shot some dance movie frames against a blue-screen, digitized the shots one by one (with RGB tones separately) and merged them with an audio sample of Front 242’s “Trigger 2” into some sort of silly demo.

Since the cold wasn’t bothering us we made some snow angels. After that warmup session, the Great Impulse Snow Wars were fought (this is where mr Lucas got his idea of the Clone Wars). It was a long and bitter fight, but in the end all of the participants declared themselves victorious. I believe Mårten had the most convincing statement: "I massacred them, I put snow in their shirts, in fact I even ripped their lungs out."

Fetch me the source (1991)

Johan is cooler than carbonite

This one took place in Stenungsund 1991. At one time about 03 AM, Johan (presumed to be asleep) suddely woke up, sat straight up with a wild expression to his face and shouted "Ge mig sås!!" (translated into lingua nerdo it would be something like "Fetch me my source code floppy disk or die"). We didn’t have an argument with that so we handed him his source disk (hard disks were an unearthly luxury at the time). He didn’t say a word for half an hour as he was deep into coding on the new idea for his 3D routine, then he fell asleep again as suddenly as he had awoken.

Internal Redux (2001)

Mattias goes for a chew on Johan's ear

We’re back! It’s been over five years since our last official internal meeting, but we gathered from all around the country to celebrate the Ten Year Anniversary of Impulse! Mandus brought his cool digital camera (the one with the sampled sound) and we shot a lot of bytes.